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Established in 1968 in Taiwan, Evergreen Marine Corp. grew steadily to rank among the world's leading international shipping companies. We, Bosphorus Shipping Agency S.A., have been acting as the Turkish agent of the said company being one of the leading container carriers in the world since July 2001, and as the Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia general agent of it since January 2003.

Representing a significant share of the container shipping in the worldwide, Evergreen operates more than 100 containerships to cover more than 80 countries. Its excellent quality services are provided to customers through over 240 agents and service locations in the world. Adding new regions and ports to its shipping network every year, Evergreen makes countries get closer to each other. Linking Turkey with the Far East with three different service lines.

Having offices in the Turkish ports of Istanbul, Izmir, Mersin and Bursa, Bosphorus Gemi Acenteligi A.S. works to meet the demands of Turkish importers and exporters in the best way. The interest shown to us and the satisfaction enjoyed by our customers thanks to our services are good evidence indicating that we have to continue the said quality level.

The fact that our customers find our services satisfactory and consider us their business partner will play an important role in motivating our young staff to achieve new successes in the future.



Evergreen Hatsu Marine Ltd. Italia Maritima S.p.A.